Pon’s four core values: key to the future

From cars and lift trucks to shipbuilding and energy solutions: Pon’s operating companies are active in a diverse range of industries. Our common core: the passion to perform, the freedom to act, being responsible for our actions, and enjoying what we do, every day!  That’s what binds us, and where our strength lies. It's the way we interact with each other, with our customers and with our suppliers each and everyday.

Passion to perform 
We share a passion to perform. We focus on real results. We finish what we start, and we go that extra mile. We don’t give up, and we always seek to improve. We know that delivering the goods is a teamsport. To make sure we deliver the absolute best, we work closely with colleagues, customers and business partners.


Trust to act
We’re trusted to do a good job, and we deliver it. We use that freedom to apply our talents and qualities for best results. We’re proactive, we stimulate creativity, we demonstrate ownership. Above all, we’re focused on possibilities, not limitations.


Act responsibly
We’re responsible for all our actions, and we consider the consequences for our stakeholders and the environment. We’re honest, open, and direct.  As a family business, we understand the value of long term relationships with employees, customers and business partners. We support each other, when and where needed.


Make it fun
At Pon, enjoying your job is a serious business! We’re open, informal, and cheerful. We allow everyone to be who they are. We’re approachable for colleagues, customers and business partners alike. We work hard, and we celebrate our successes.