Health and vitality for every Pon employee 

At Pon, we believe it’s important for people to be able to enjoy their work in good health, until they retire from the workforce. Of course, a happy and healthy workforce is good for Pon and our operational continuity, but it’s just as beneficial for all our employees. When you feel fit at work, you’ll also feel better within yourself at home. Pon Fit is about promoting health and vitality within Pon. 

Knowledge and expertise

The basis of a healthy lifestyle is sufficient exercise, healthy eating, and looking after yourself. A good balance between work and home is important as well. 
Added up, these elements contribute importantly to your overall wellness and vitality. Pon Fit aims to make people aware of this, and gladly shares its knowledge and expertise in areas relating to fitness and vitality. 

Pon Fit goes worldwide

All around the world, the challenge of keeping fit and healthy calls for a response. This is why Pon Fit encourages every Pon operating company to organize actions and events that stimulate employees to be attentive to their own wellness and vitality. 
Sport is a fabulous tool. And, the pride we have in our company plays a role as well. That’s why we’ve designed a special, unique Pon Fit shirt that bears your own company logo.