Dedicated people: Adam Vollmer, Managing Director at Faraday Bicycles, San Fransisco (US)

Building e-bikes that people could love. That was Adam Vollmer’s purpose. He bid his employer farewell and founded Faraday Bikes, which became a Pon company early this year.”

Adam: “Most people in the US own a bike, but hardly anyone uses it for daily transport. At Faraday, we have a passion for bikes. We want to change Americans’ perception of bikes. We believe that bikes can make a difference in term of solving traffic congestion, pollution and health issues. And, e-bikes have that additional potential: they let you cover larger distances and make it easy for you to negotiate hills. And, if well designed, an e-bike is safe and comfortable to ride.


It took about two years to develop an idea into a bike with wheels and pedals. Every single part had to be designed and made from scratch. We designed and built numerous prototypes for the frame and operating console to perfect Faraday’s unique electromechanical system. At the same time we kept communicating with our customers and we used that feedback continually. Staying close to the user was key in the case of the Faraday Porteur.

The Faraday Porteur is a trendy e-bike that looks just like an ‘ordinary’ city bike. Functional bikes that are stunning lookers to boot. The response to our first commercially produced series of two hundred bikes was truly overwhelming. We knew we had succeeded in our aim. Over the last five years, e-bikes have been steadily gaining popularity in the US, and Faraday Bikes needs to grow apace. So, while in terms of bike use, we have a long road ahead of us in the US, we’ve certainly made a start. And together with Pon, we can build on that.”

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“Staying close to the users was the key to the success of Faraday’s Porteur”