Dedicated people: Duncan Greenwood, President of The Hiller Companies, US

From a simple hose down to an innovative system that dispenses a screen of mist droplets: over the past century, the methods used in firefighting have advanced dramatically. What would once have burned to the ground can today be rescued. And that’s partly down to Hiller, pioneers in fire protection since 1919. Duncan Greenwood has led the company for 33 years. 

Whether it’s a hospital in Florida, a subway in Manhattan, an oil rig off the coast of West-Africa, or an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf: Hiller offers a suitable fire extinguishing solution. Pon is proud to be the parent of this company, which joined the Pon family concern some 7 years ago and has since grown from 350 to 750 staff. Duncan: “Pon supported our growth. This is an area where Pon has a particularly strong strategy. And we were happy to avail ourselves of their expertise.

“Until about 12 years ago, Hiller focused primarily on the maritime industry, which accounted for some 80% of its revenues. Today, we mainly service customers in the commercial and industrial segments. They include data and telecommunication centers, warehouses, housing construction, restaurants and schools. 

Meanwhile, the fire safety industry has become much more sophisticated. For example, Hiller frequently installs a highly advanced water misting system. This relatively new technology relies on the remarkable effectiveness of a mist of minuscule water drops in extinguishing a fire: an innovative development that will see many lives saved and capital investments protected. Yes, we have a passion for this work. That’s where the seed is sown. People who put their heart in what they do, make beautiful products. Products that sell and keep customers happy.”

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“Hiller has a century’s experience in firefighting”