Dedicated people: Espen Stærkebye-Ellingsen, Service Manager at SITECH Norway

SITECH is the largest supplier of professional Trimble laser and GPS control systems for earthmoving and road construction machinery. Since their start in 2011, the company has made excellent progress in the Norwegian construction industry.

Espen: “Although we are a relative newcomer in the market, the company has grown steadily. It appears we have tapped into a growing market for our specialist products. And major construction projects seem to be everywhere.


Everyone here has a passion for technology and new developments. And our partnership between Caterpillar and Trimble, supplier of gps and laser technology, is unique. Cat machines are supplied with all the wiring pre-installed and integrated. All we have to do is connect the Trimble gps, ‘shoot’ our software into the machine and we’re all ready to go. Plug and play. What makes gps so useful? The gps provides the correct coordinates and shows where and how far to dig. This has important advantages both for the machinist and the customer. It enables the driver to work very accurately and faster than before, saving valuable time. What’s more, it’s made the operator’s task much simpler.

In addition to providing advice, assistance and support, my work involves training. I explain to the drivers how things work, teach them how the materials and the equipment behave, and show them how they can boost their productivity. In the past year, we’ve developed a new system for the gps, with faster sensors and even more accurate measuring data. With this system, we’re seeking to achieve our goal, which is to keep growing and become Norway’s largest supplier of gps systems and construction site equipment and services.”

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“With our new gps system, we’re seeking to achieve our goal: to keep growing and become Norway’s largest supplier of gps systems”