Dedicated people: Hans, retired & parttime project manager marketing intelligence

For 34 years, Hans van den Hoven worked at Pon in various roles and business units. At 63, he took early retirement. Six months later he was back at Pon as a part-timer.

“I was asked to support a project concerning marketing intelligence. It happened at just the right time. I’d enjoyed my first five months of retirement. Went holidaying in Argentine, cycling on Mallorca, did the Alpe d’Huzes. 


Then, one morning, after finishing reading the paper, I realized that volunteering and cycling wasn’t enough to fill the day meaningfully. I’d gone from a  fulltime job to no day job at all, and it was hard. I’m thrilled I can now use my experience and skills two days a week in a project Pon asked me for. 

I also coach management trainees, you know, show them how the business works, teach them the finer points of being successful in business. Perhaps the best thing is that my time is now my own. The Pon pension fund is in good shape. With that financial security behind me, I can see myself doing this until I’m 92- if they’ll have me!”