Dedicated People: Mark Vaartjes, Service Engineer at FietsNED, the Netherlands

Holland is bicycle territory. We don’t just take to our bikes for a leisurely ride, but we also - and ever more often - ride our bikes to work. But, what if our bike lets us down on the road? The mobile mechanics at FietsNED offer a solution.

For the past few months Mark Vaartjes, a mechanic at FietsNED, has been driving the FietsNED’s latest service van. “It’s really a fully equipped, mobile bicycle repair workshop. And that includes the latest, state-of-the-art tools, spare parts, measuring equipment, even a coffee machine.” A set-up that enables Mark to help roadside-stranded cyclists back on track in no time. Because that’s what FietsNED does: offering repair services for bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters and rollators. Both on the road and at home. “We’re the no.1 roadside crew for bike riders, 24/7.”


To back-up its fully equipped service vans FietsNED relies on expert bicycle repairers and recognized e-bike specialists. “Obviously, we’re on the road much of the time, so we support each other mainly by phone or via the app.” To assure a professional standard Pon offers its service mechanics various courses, focusing, for example, on e-bike technology. “The market for e-bikes is growing and you see them more and more. And that requires ongoing training.” 

Mark is increasingly enjoying clients’ appreciation. “I’m the ‘dream’ solution to a flat tire or a jammed chain. And, yes, people are often truly thankful when their bike’s been fixed. I had a client once who was a bit skeptical that I could be of any help. He had a velomobile, a bicycle on four wheels with a roof and a shell of some sort around it- quite extraordinary. A half hour later he was on his way home. This particular client was so impressed, he even blogged a few words in praise for FietsNED and yours truly.”


“More and more people are abandoning their cars in favor of cycling to the office”