Efficiency is a chain reaction

“We specialize in mechanical excavation. When we have to excavate sand from under water. If you do so with a standard bucket, you scoop up lots of water with every payload. The sand sticks to the bucket and is difficult to eject. It all adds up to an inefficient process. We asked Pons member company Verachtert whether it was possible to replace the rear side of the bucket with a grid of chains. 
Mari Ermers
Function: Managing Director
Company: Ermers Grondverzet

The principle is simple: water drains between the chains while the sand or clay soil is held back. Now the excavator gets a sizeable load of sand or clay with every scoop. Thanks to the chain bucket we work far more efficiently. We’re now excavating thirty to forty percent more sand with every scoop, meaning we can get the job done with far fewer movements.”