Where flow control and fire safety matter most, Pon is your partner. 

Valves, actuators, process control and fire safety systems are the pillars of our flow control operations. We supply a large, varied range of A-brand products and a full range of services. 
This is how we offer customers tailor made, turn-key solutions for perfect flow control, every time. 
From fully automated computer controlled process and flow control systems, as used in oil refineries, to integrated fire extinguishing installations for navy vessels.
We know how important dependability, safety and efficiency are in your industry. And that flow control is a vital link in this. Our experts are your sparring partner, wherever you go.

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Hand-operated valves, process control valves, safety valves, actuators and manipulators, flow instruments, pumps, compressors, control systems, fire detection systems and fire containment  systems


Distribution, technology, installation, service and repair, instruction and training, certification