A power outage not only causes serious problems. It also costs money.

Modern business depends on energy security and a dependable power supply system that assures a continuous supply of power to all your equipment. Pon delivers total, top quality solutions.

Electrical power for industrial equipment. An emergency generator for urgent critical power supply. A complete combined heat-power installation.
Every total solution we design is based on an A-brand power source. This way, you’re assured of an always safe, dependable power source and / or command system.
Pon backs its solutions with a 24/7 worldwide service and repair network that maximizes your uptime. Trust Pon. Failure is not an option.

Strong brands


Modern business deMobile and fixed generator sets, power generation systems, transmission and distribution equipment, power drives,  automation, CHP installations, cooling installations with heat recovery, emergency power systems, industrial engines, microturbines, hydraulic solutions 


Service and repair, packaging and conservation, technical and project management, certified electricians, testing and commissioning, (green) energy audits