Pon Academy

Our people must make the difference  


Pon’s strategy for 2015 is ambitious. We want to grow by a healthy margin, we want to respond even better to customers’ needs, and we want to rank among the top three with all our brands. Talent Development plays a pivotal part in this. Our people must make the difference. The Pon Academy fulfills an important role in the professional development of our worldwide workforce.


The Pon Academy is an in-company training institute, established so that Pon can offer everyone the best training available and a made-to-measure course program. By centralizing our knowledge and expertise in the area of learning and development in a single organizational unit, we can respond most effectively to training needs as they arise within the business and individually. 


The program offered includes regular workshops, courses and training, which you are welcome to apply for. Naturally you must consult your manager and P&O adviser before your application can be approved.


The Pon Academy wants to help you forward!  



The 'Pon' van


The year is 1947. The businessman Ben Pon is travelling from Amersfoort to the small German town of Minden, where he has an appointment with the British authorities who, directly after the war, were in charge of the Volkswagen factory.

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Social and Sustainability report 2013

Social and Sustainability report 2013

The theme of the Social Annual Report 2013 is Pon Inside Out, Outside In.

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